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Attract, engage, and energize app users. Maximize revenues and strengthen relationships with your brand through mobile app advertising from RTB House.

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Apps without caps

Research has shown that apps that run retargeting can achieve up to:


More revenue


Higher day-30 retention


Higher week-12 retention


Feature-rich app marketing

Some in-app campaigns may seem monochromatic, but we utilize Deep Learning-based technology to bring color and shade to your ads. It’s customizable, feature-rich advertising that spans the active life of each app user.

The core feature of our in‑app campaigns is all about engaging people. Even your active users can stop using your app if another wins their hearts. We maximize lifetime value (LTV) by running Deep Learning-powered retargeting campaigns that increase the number of conversions and value of sales. RTB House campaigns can scale retargeting revenue by 50% and boost retention rates. This is important because customers who stay engaged for longer can bring 3.5 times more revenue to your business.


Our roadmap
for your app

When designing your app, you ask what sets it apart from the competition. We ask ourselves the same question about our campaigns. This makes us a must‑have for your business:


We take a holistic view, running retargeting campaigns in both web and app environments that look and feel right for your brand, no matter where the ads are displayed.

Account Management

Every advertiser has a designated Account Manager responsible for understanding the specific needs and delivering results at scale.

Deep Learning

Capable of around 2,500 times more calculations than other AI solutions, our Deep Learning‑powered algorithms create a competitive advantage and optimize ad budgets.

Outstanding creatives

Our banners are designed to fit your brandbook. What’s more, every ad a user sees is tailored to their own needs. Our algorithms can choose the time, place, and content of each banner for maximum effectiveness.

Information at your

Access stats in your campaign dashboard in real time, round-the-clock. Everything you need for total transparency in one dashboard.

Countries and devices reports

Find out where your users log on and on which devices.

Categories and creatives reports

Discover the most popular categories and which creatives perform best.

Top apps and hosts reports

See which apps are most effectively displaying your campaigns.

All in one place

Get even more reports on key elements like win rate, last-seen tags, and deduplication.

Case studies

Featured case studies

Performance and branding campaigns that have empowered businesses just like yours.

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