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Connect with customers who care the most

Customers behave differently in-store and online. Your app users are different again. They have shown enough interest in your brand to download the app and keep it just one click away at any moment.

These are high-value clients. Every new install has the potential to be a regular buyer. Dedicated campaigns from RTB House can help you turn users into buyers and regularly engage these people over a longer period of time.



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Engage the right audience

People may have up to 60 apps on any mobile device but only regularly engage with a select few. If you want to be a part of that exclusive club, you need to help users build a connection with your brand.

Our Deep Learning algorithms are able to better understand online user behavior and target people who are most likely to become regular users. We pinpoint those who are interested in your product range and engage them with personalized retargeting campaigns.

Turn casual users into loyal buyers

Acquiring new customers can be five times more expensive than keeping existing customers. Once you have an app user, you need to keep them engaged on day 7, day 30, and beyond. That’s hard without a helping hand, but the right retargeting can significantly increase retention rates and lifetime customer value.

Our engagement campaigns aim to increase average order volume and purchase frequency–turning new users into paying customers, and then into loyal buyers.

Bring people back to your brand

Occasionally, your app gets lost in the shuffle or deleted when someone cleans their home screen. Lapsed and lost customers are not gone for good and are still a huge opportunity for your brand. In fact, they can be easier to engage and activate than brand new users.

Our re-engagement campaigns precisely target users who can still be of great value and offer them the right incentives, or even just a gentle reminder to become active again.

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