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Omnicom Group logotype

"Highly designed vehicles like the ones from Mercedes-Benz need to be promoted by ad campaigns that feel the same: high-performance, good looking, and safe. At Team X, we appreciate the agility and quality that we get from working with RTB House."

Alexandra Navarro

Team Leader for Team X at Omnicom

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lew'lara logotype

"RTB House technology and advisory support was instrumental in bringing together a truly consistent advertising strategy for Nissan. Our partnership made the difference throughout the entire process, with rich contributions from both sides to optimise campaigns and, consequently, advertiser investments."

Gabrielle Souza

Media Supervisor at Lew’Lara

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Moof logotype

"We aimed to create a brand awareness approach in a more personalized way and maximize visibility accordingly. Instead of standard video platforms and campaign structures, we made the consumer journey more excited by achieving to reach and engage with the right audiences in every stage of the marketing funnel by using RTB House’s personalized Streaming Video Ads which are driven by Deep Learning algorithms."

Gökhan Tüz

Digital Marketing Manager at MooF

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EPA logotype

"RTB House helped us to implement disruptive formats for AMVO, as given the nature of the Hot Sale website we were unable to configure dynamic retargeting through other platforms. With RTB House we were able to test these formats and to show users all the discount products from different types of sponsors."

Oscar Cruz Becerra

Account Manager at Epa Digital

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Case studies

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Nissan Brazil And Lew’Lara Boost Media Strategy With High-level Video Campaigns

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