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Big Boost in Brand Awareness Served Up to Trendyol Yemek

Video campaign more than triples brand awareness for food delivery brand

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About the client

Trendyol Yemek is a food service brand affiliated with Trendyol, an ecommerce platform founded in Turkey in 2010, specializing in fashion retail. Trendyol Yemek allows the ordering and safe delivery of meals to addresses selected from contracted restaurants and food retailers via a takeaway app. It was launched in 2020.

What they say about us

"By working with RTB House, we benefited from their blend of Deep Learning-powered marketing solutions and their expertise in running branding campaigns supplemented by brand lift studies and audience segmentation. Their unmatched quality of customer service enabled us to focus on the strategy and measurable outcome. The strong results are a testament to our collaboration with RTB House."

Sinan İçer

Growth Marketing Manager, Trendyol Yemek


The challenge

Trendyol Yemek were looking to improve brand recognition and drive awareness through a video that emphasized their hot delivery of delicious food. Their preeminent goals were to become ‘top-of-mind’ in Turkey for food delivery and attract entirely new users, so they reached out to RTB House for support.


The solution

First, RTB House prepared a media plan that included the identification of platforms and placements most likely to catch the eye, audience segmentation, and brand lift studies to measure effectiveness. Potential viewers of the main video were grouped into segments, and short video ads were tailored for each one to inspire a higher viewing frequency.
Deep Learning algorithms and RTB House’s ContextAI feature were deployed to further drive efficiency in the campaign.

Throughout the advertising period, RTB House closely monitored the target metrics with internal and external surveys and media-based brand lift studies. In addition, we regularly measured segment-based changes by monitoring the number of visitors. By observing name recall, favourability, and preference metrics, we tracked the effect of the video ad by separating the control group. We regularly monitored quality sessions and non-buyer visit rates.


The result

The campaign was a success, with the video achieving an 80% video completion rate, with 80% viewability, and brought over 3 M first-time visitors. ‘Rare visitors’ decreased by 30% while ‘loyal visitors’ increased by 30%. Trendyol Yemek’s awareness rate was boosted from 23% to 86%, according to a brand lift study, and their ‘first to come to mind’ (TOMA) rate rose from 37% to 78%. The rate of choosing Trendyol Yemek lifted by 9%, and users who expressed positive opinions about Trendyol Yemek rose by 14%. Trendyol Yemek has seen a 65% increase in being the most frequent meal order in the market.

The client’s web traffic increased during the campaign with a 17% uplift in the weekly visitor base, most of which were first-time or rare visitors. The rate of quality users increased by 5% despite the increasing number of sessions in this period.

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