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Tok&Stok's Recipe for Success Now in Online Campaigns

Home and office retailer triples both customer reach and user sessions from campaigns

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About the client

A reference in furniture and decoration for home or office, Tok&Stok has stores in several Brazilian cities and states, including the Federal District, in addition to an online operation through its website. The company, which emerged in 1978, seeks to provide the best experience to its customers, whether before, during or after their purchases, and for that, it invests in values such as design, product exclusivity and practical day by day solutions, always combining bold design at good prices. In addition to partnerships made with national and international designers, which enable consumers to purchase high-quality pieces with authorial design at affordable prices, Tok&Stok also counts on the simplicity and vanguard of the countless functional products of the T&S Design category, a registered trademark for the creations made by the company’s design team, always attentive to consumers’ needs and new habits.

What they say about us

"We always try to ensure a complete user experience for Tok&Stok’s consumers, from the moment they are impacted by our ads until the completion of the purchase. Therefore, innovation is an important aspect of our business and this is also reflected in our media strategy. Together with RTB House, we launched a consideration campaign, where we managed to re-engage potential users in a more practical and precise way, creating ads that can be interactive and personalized, yet performing efficiently to gain results.”

Jéssica Alves Pires

Performance Marketing, Tok&Stok


The challenge

The challenge proposed to RTB House, which is also responsible for the company's retargeting campaigns, was to create and execute a consideration campaign in order to effectively increase the engagement of consumers who had already had contact with the brand, but who were closer to the upper stages of the sales funnel. It would then be necessary to identify such users and carry out a communication that, in an engaging and effective way, aroused in them an interest in knowing more about the company’s products, generating a true connection with the brand.


The solution

The RTB House ad platform has an exclusive technology based on Deep Learning* algorithms, which enables identifying the exact positioning of each user within the sales funnel - if they are closer to the awareness, consideration, or conversion stage - and to recommend a specific and personalized approach for each one. This high processing power, combined with the flexibility for customization and the wide variety of formats, allowed Tok&Stok not only to identify the users with the greatest potential for engagement, but also to personalize the ads according to the particular interests of each one, providing an unique and perfect experience for each consumer and also reducing potential inefficiency. Since the communication was tailored to the right users, it was possible to optimize the investment and expand the reach and coverage of the campaign.

Deep Learning is currently the most advanced field of research in Artificial Intelligence. Algorithms based on Deep Learning have already proven to be up to 50% more efficient than those based on traditional Machine Learning for programmatic recommendations.


The result

When comparing the campaign results against those run by other ad platforms, Tok&Stok identified that RTB House was able to invest the budget more efficiently and achieve results that were in line with its KPIs. Our campaign had 3.5 times more reach among unique users, which more than met the goal of increasing target-audience coverage and maintaining levels of engagement. We also delivered 3 times more sessions, proving the effectiveness of communications and strengthening brand consideration.


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