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Every Ad. In the Right Place. Digital Ad Campaigns for Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are the great engines of online commerce. They aim to offer everything customers need—focusing on convenience, range, and quality. If you are keen to find out what makes a successful marketplace or are looking for ways to empower your site with better digital ad campaigns, then you are in the right place.

In the guide:
  • An outlook on the next five years for global marketplaces.

  • The value of niche marketplaces and the different industries where they thrive.

  • Exploring the complex relationship between online retail and Gen Z, and what it means for your marketplace.

  • A wide-ranged debate among our in-house experts about successful multi-category and multi-vendor sites.

  • A blueprint for how to run successful retargeting and branding campaigns.


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must-haves for online marketplaces moving into 2024

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Adopting a marketplace model is an easier win nowadays than it was in the past. Companies don’t need to expand store sizes or take huge risks in purchasing inventory. As long as the distribution network and online store are top-notch, the risk of diversification is lower than ever before.

Pepijn Breijder

Head of Sales Benelux, RTB House

There are so many marketplaces out there now that it will become a critical part of online store strategy in the future—choosing which marketplace best complements your specific business model and activates the sales that your store is missing out on.

Agnieszka Gilewska

Business Development Director Poland, RTB House

Customer experiences will continue to evolve as technology advances and expectations change. This guide features some trends that present big opportunities for the way that marketplaces both operate and advertise.

Veronika Mitina

Country Manager Portugal, RTB House

Marketplaces entering new countries must understand that [...] the way people shop and the market conditions will differ. It’s not possible to just replicate a marketplace template from one location to another without first doing research and adapting the right elements to bring success.

Takahiro Kato

Business Development Manager Japan, RTB House

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